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The Doctor Who Fandom and the Olympic Torch

Whovians: You know who has to carry the Olympic Torch and light up the fire?
BBC: Hey, wait a second, you kno-
Whovians: You know who has to do it
BBC: Listen, that was just an episode-
Whovians: You know who.
BBC: It's just fiction.
Whovians: You know who.
BBC: But this series is not that important as-
Whovians: You know.
BBC: But-
Whovians: Or the world will explode
BBC: ...What?
Whovians: It's time law BBC.
BBC: ...
Whovians: It's the law of the universe.
BBC: ... 
Whovians: There will be a crack in time.
BBC: I think you take this a bit too seriou-
Whovians: The Doctor will come
BBC: But David hasn't even got time for this, we asked-
Whovians: It's written in history.
BBC: But the Queen-
Whovians: Will not be amused.
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